You may wonder why we wanted to launch 🚀 extremeDAO during COVID-19, Well its because we are being manipulated by governments and financial institutes into believing that our system is capable of being resilient. A resilient system is one that wants to stay the same; we have no desire to see governments continuing to print money to fund stimulus packages that build up debt at the sacrifice of future generations.

The thing is to reform society or improve our methods of working together based on an antiquated system is not possible. What we need is a better way of voting, a better way of sharing a voice to solve conflicts or challenges between individuals. We need a new system that allows people to use their reputation and the commitment to the system to make an impact. We need something new, something that is engaging and allows evolved practices of decision-making. The system needs to be a conscious entity, a manifestation of the consciousness of the individuals who create it.

We have a global consciousness, its always existed, but now its presence is facilitated by the change that’s occurring through the pandemic; because of COVID19 we are now seeing the real potential of humans to act together towards a global cause. But this is not an economic crisis. The inherent flaws in the existing economic systems are only strengthening by incurring debt in the short-term.

Take a close look at your life. Have you not enjoyed not having to sit in traffic every day, have you not enjoyed listening to the birds and hearing the animals return to their natural environment. Have you not enjoyed the clear skies and fresh air. Are the systems that we’ve built the ones that have inherently decreased our well-being in life?

We are not looking to create a utopia, we need constitutions and rules about how we govern. Those who are prefer no rules in favour of self-discipline are quite correct that in theory there would be no need for governments... but let’s be honest when have humans ever been able to discipline themselves.

What we are talking about is simply making the rules transparent. Rules are simply ways of doing things. Rituals that exist that describe a certain way of acting that saves us from having to repeat instructions time and time again. They are on the intellectual tool and a laws are traditional concepts that have been used to create human sociotechnical operating systems for as long as we have been able to record their existence.

The problem is that this system has got so big that we are unable to adjust itself, layers of bureaucracy have shifted the real risk away from the way that we should manage ourselves through communities. Governments and organisations need not be arbitrary collections of Institutions and committees and councils acting separately from the people they govern.

Governing should be a living arrangement of complex activities that allows growth and facilities participation from individuals themselves to change inside of the environment. Quite simply, this transparent type of system can embody the  ideals of a collective and could be an expression of our shared ideas to care for our communities in times of greatest need.

The reality is our security is not in the legalistic contracts and reselling of risk and debt; it’s the responsibility of you to help you fellow man or woman in need. Any social-technical system that is formed without considering our social intellect and connection lacks In spiritual intelligence. Is it any wonder why we are not trusted by these organisations who sell us a financial service, only not to trust us when we are in our greatest need.

We don’t believe that we know what is best, but we do believe that we can take the right actions because we care about each other. We love to live a full life which allows us to travel the world and meet other indigenous cultures and see and explore the beauty of Papatuanuku, Mother Earth.

The extremeDAO is a set of rules which allows us all to make agreements about how we will when help is most needed. It’s not a black-and-white set of rules but simply a constitution with guidelines that allows the liveforce of a community to decide how best to support its people in times of need.

The extremeDAO is a representation of group consciousness which records in the blockchain, a joint commitment of resources that can be distributed globally to anybody in real-time. No one party can control the distribution of these resources; it’s simply a group consciousness that allows the embodiment of the constitution and the rules which we will sit and continue to evolve.

The environment does not fully form ExtremeDAO, but in fact, every single person with his or her power its consciousness. It will never be able to be controlled by external or totalitarian pressure or coercion, it will be completely self-programmed. As we begin to build thus system that allows us to function together to create decentralised cover organisations we’ll enable these transparent systems allow us to fuse our consciousness craft agreements for cover that lets us living a powerful and extreme life. 

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