Our Gitcoin grant is live.

Gitcoin is an open source bounties platform on the Ethereum blockchain. ... We are a mission driven project whose primary goal is to grow the open source community by allowing for better incentivized collaboration in the realm of open source software. Gitcoin is a community of 39,102 amazing open source developers working remotely to build in Web3.

The Gitcoin Grants CLR Rounds leverage quadratic funding - a fundraising mechanism where Gitcoin matches grants relative to the number of individual contributors to a given project, rather than the total amount donated to the project.

As an example, a project that receives 50 individual 1 DAI donations will receive a significantly higher amount in grant funding from the matching pool than another project that receives a single 100 DAI donation. 

Every quarter, the Gitcoin Grants round has consistently grown, both in terms of the matching pool and the amount of individual donors. While not depicted, Gitcoin Grants Round 4 broke new records with a $200,000 matching pool and over 5,936 contributions across 230 Ethereum projects. 

A small contribution will have an exponential impact. Please donate.


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