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We're taking part in the GitCoin grant and just heard about this project that explains the layers of a DAO - A Decentrailised Autonomous Organisation

They have a great explanation about the DAO an the layers on their website.

"Smart Contract is Law"

Many of us already know that once a smart contract is deployed on Ethereum, it is resistant to external interference, modificatin, deletion, or discontination, and as such is indefeasible in implementation of incoded rules.

An open source smart contract is transparent. This means that it's inner workings and functionalities can be freely viewed by anyone.

A DAO smart contract uses code to execute rules and maintain architectures of the DAO.

A DAO's rules are agreed upon my means of consensus by DAO community members establishe by a poll of community members votes.

DAism provides a framework of smart contracts that allows a DAO that runs in it to develop its own straegies and rules, make it's decisions and strictly follow them by means of smart contract code.  

Cooperative Engagement

Cooperative Engagement translates into collective rationality. It has the following two advantages to achieve efficiency, fairness and justice:

Firstly, for a DAO, 1+1>2 i.e. a DAO's overall interest is greater than the sum of each DAO member's interest.

Secondly, a DAO internalises Pareto Optimality i.e. a DAO cannot facilitate benefit of a party external to the DAO.

All DAOs in DAism run and develop based on DAism common consensus. Although each DAO independently builds its own rules based on its own interests and goals, this common consensus drives all DAOs in DAism together make strategies and rules towards cooperative egagement. These strategies and rules will be coded on Ethereum smart contracts for secure execution.

Check out a medium post about ther fund raising here.

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